Hi, I'm Sam. I'm just a girl in the fight to become fit. My goal is to live a healthy lifestyle. I am currently the fat friend but I will become the fit friend. I can't follow anyone back because this is a side blog. Good luck, darlings.





My boyfriend gave Murphy and I a little photoshoot during our daily yoga practice :)

That last one is just perfect.

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Ah, #fitspo - Skewing your body image one photo at a time. 

I found all of these photoshopped images in either the #fitspo or #fitness tag. So whenever a “fit” woman crosses your dash, please take that motivation with a grain of salt. If you are aiming to become a healthier and more active person, then you don’t need to aspire to a certain body shape in order to make that happen. 

**Please do not reblog this post with a comment like “The originals are so much prettier!” or “They look so much better without those insanely fake edits!” Pointing out photoshop is not necessary because it makes women look less attractive to you - Pointing out photoshop is necessary in order to stay true to the way that women are consenting to being portrayed. If you have to insult certain body types in order to compliment these women, then you’re doing it wrong.